Jacob Bielanski

Award-winning legal editor and journalist

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A selection of work originally intended for online…


“Center of American Power in the Middle East Shifts with ‘New Dawn,'”

The International, October 1, 2011


The Lowdown on German Beer Mixes

Matador Nights, October 25, 2012


High-speed Rail Meeting Introduces Routes Between Twin Cities, Milwaukee**

The Isthmus Online, December 8, 2010


Which Smartphone Has the Fastest Processor?

Salon.com*, February, 2013


One Traveler’s Quest for the Ultimate Backpack

Brave New Traveler, January 15, 2008


Middleton’s Artistic Impressions Taxidermy captures the art of the hunt**

The Isthmus Online, December 3, 2010


God n’ Guns: Obama, McCain Speak to the Mythical “Main Street” America

Matador Pulse, October 31, 2008


*Published under a pseudonym “Jacob Andrew” for Demand Media.
**Served as both author and photographer

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